Client Testimonials


I can't recommend Garry highly enough, if your looking to import a top quality working dog, he's the man to go too, he made the whole process so easy and hassle free, I purchased my pup on the Saturday and she was delivered to my front door on Thursday morning , how's that for service. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use Garry again and more than likely will.

Lawrence Molloy   17-11-2020




Garry and Lucy have been a pleasure to work with, from the first contact, to the second we picked our puppy up and beyond. We were updated with our puppy's progress along the way and he is an absolutely gorgeous dog. Garry took the time to understand what we wanted from our puppy and matched him to our needs perfectly. We have a strong, healthy puppy with a calm, loving temperament who will be the most perfect addition to our family. He is well worth the wait and we are so grateful that we were trusted with one of your precious puppies. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend
Venatordream Gun Dogs

Sarah  7-6-2020


HPRs and Tracking Dogs

I'm Tom Hinton a gamekeeper from North Yorkshire who has a massive passion for HPRs and blood tracking dogs. I've  now had GWPs for more than 10 yrs and started with them as many do for grouse work predominately, but very quickly realised they can match any vermin dog and simply out class any other gun-dog for stamina along with a very good nose , simply makes them a fantastic all rounder

I now have 6 wire haired pointers and started looking into the breeding of them, when I was offered one out of Garry's bitch to Rory's dog I jumped at the opportunity and can safely say it has been very good to train, with a fantastic nature along with being very pleasing on the eye

He has a very low breeding coefficient, which is a tribute to Garry's knowledge of the breed and his determination to breed the very best.  Having great kennel connections all over Europe allows Garry to choose from some of  the very best blood lines available

After having fantastic success  with the GWP from Garry I got back in touch with him regarding another teckle for both blood tracking and fox work

Garry sourced Zorro from Slovakia where he has kennels 

Zorro a 3 yr old black and tan wire haired Dachshund  is a 2x International champion on fox work with fantastic diplomas in tracking deer and boar, he has a superb nature and I kennel him with my other dogs

I have recently acquired a wire haired Vizsla from Garry, I wanted to see if they are what people say they are! and although he is now only a year old I'm very impressed by his biddable nature and want to please 

He has also been imported by Garry for me

 Garry at Hunting Dogs Europe is very easy to deal with , giving honest and accurate advise along with clear written out sales contracts, the delivery and meeting times are accurate and precise, the dogs arrive with all the correct paperwork / passports, with the export pedigrees  being organised in the country of origin they are sent out at a later date 

Tom Hinton  15-2-2020

Fully Trained Bird / Deer Dog

When I first approached Gary about finding me a particular dog I was looking for, it was a pretty brief and direct conversation, Gary is very honest and there is no messing around which I liked! 

I wanted a fully trained dog that was doing everything on pheasant and deer mainly and thats exactly what I got delivered to my door in Ireland no fuss!

Magila has fitted in perfectly and impressed me everytime he is out! 

He knows his job incredibly well! I couldn't recommend Gary enough

Sean O Brien  5 January 2020



I found out about Garry and Hunting Dogs Europe because I posted on the Stalking Directory forum that I was looking for a part-trained Labrador which I could train to track wounded deer.

Garry answered my post and we started an interesting and informative conversation during which Garry worked out what I wanted or needed and gave me some excellent advice along the way.

He then told me that he could source a fully-trained female Labrador of about two and a half years old; she had been field trial trained, had a lovely temperament and sounded like just the dog I wanted.

I went to Garry's kennels on the last weekend of October to collect Sue and was delighted to see clean, well-constructed kennel runs full of happy, healthy & lively dogs - including the one which was to become mine, the lovely Sue.

Garry put her through her paces on retrieval, allowed me to check her out fully, we discussed the contract, payment and all the other admin stuff - there was no sales pressure, it was open and honest conversation.

The whole process from first contact to collection was smooth and professional, Garry and I checked each other out respectfully and honestly.

I got the distinct, and welcome, impression that Garry is not the sort of man who would let one of his dogs go to just anyone.

Garry has been free and ready with his advice since my purchase of Sue, giving plenty of useful pointers to someone like me who is getting back into dog ownership and training after a bit of a lay off.

Sue is settling in nicely with our family and I hope to have her track her first deer soon. She may not have won any field trials championships before I got her, and I'm unlikely to take her there either, but the level of her abilities is just amazing.

She is so eager to please, energetic and athletic, but totally biddable - I'm sure she knows what she's doing without much input from me. In short, she's exactly the dog Garry said he would obtain for me, I could hardly be happier.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the services of Garry if you want to source a hunting dog - whether pup or full grown dog.

Thanks Garry for putting me and Sue together

Trevor McMurray   10-11-2019


A Super GSP Bitch Pup Secured And Trained For A UK Client

Superb results from our Serbian trainer and a stunning GSP bitch we secured for a UK client, who requested a trained hawking dog 
Alfa (Candy ) was entered in the Serbian derby (spring hunting test ) the youngest dog from a field of 26 and the successful team achieved a very impressive first prize pass and scored maximum points in all disciplines
Congratulations Alen and Candy

My GWP is now just 10 weeks old. When I first spoke to Gary he warned me that this pup would be forward going and full on as he was from Champion working heritage. I liked that very much, clearly someone who only wants his dogs to go to good working homes. My dog has been home a week now and is already retrieving a mini dummy every time, presenting it and waiting for a small treat, he has even pointed it to my surprise. I can honestly say I have never seen a puppy learn so fast. He's absolutely switched on, his nose is just into everything, biddable and clearly very intelligent. Virtually house trained in four days with just gentle guidance. What a dog, watch this space. Can't wait to get him on the moors in Scotland. Thanks Gary and Lucy, this is one very happy dog owner.


Kind regards John

John Matcham    14/9/18

Technical Director

Fischer Farms Ltd

I have recently bought two fully trained Teckles from Garry. I am very happy with both dogs. They have both been well trained and looked after. Garry was very professional in sending me the full details of the dogs which were accurate. Garry is honest and welcoming, i hope to deal with him again in the future. Recommended for anyone looking for excellent working dogs. Both Teckles are a pleasure to own and i look forwards to many hunting trips with them. 

Matthew kersley 24/02/18 

I Collected my srhp dog at 8 moths old from Garry just after Xmas. Garry described the dog to me as a “ideal Stalking dog and very biddable. Within the day he was settled and happy, After 3 weeks of having the dog he was very steady, and we had achieved a good level of obedience. The dog, although only 8 mths was very keen to use his nose, I let him play with a foot square of fallow hide on and off throughout the week. I decided to try him on a small track of 40 yards with another piece of hide and was extremely pleased with the result. Two days later I took the dog to Scotland Stalking, we would cross each and every bridge as and when we crossed it as long as I felt the dog was happy and learning. His steadiness made him a pleasure to have around. Within the hour I had a roe doe shot and she managed to make a good 70 yards through some thick woodland. I showed the dog the shot site and he was very keen,I slipped on the tracking lead and off we went. I could see the blood every now and then so was filled with confidence in the dog which I am sure he picked up on, we got to the roe without a single issue he was faultless I couldn’t possibly have been any more pleased, he was very pleased with himself and equally pleased with his reward. This dog will go from strength to strength unquestionably. There isn’t much you can buy these days that does what its designed to or supposed to do, however in my experience Garry’s dogs do exactly that and I have many years of enjoyment to look forward to with my dog. Thank you Garry Cheers Daz
Darryl Cherrington,  1 / 2 / 2018

A superb brown SRHP recently sourced for a UK client wanting a deer stalking / tracking dog, at less than a year old this dog is already showing great promise


It has been a good few years since I made the investment of getting a new pup . And I couldn't be happier , previously I've had two GSP's . From the initial contact to the collection of my Male Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla pup . Dealing with Garry has been a genuine pleasure, a true gentleman. His knowledge and experience showed and it was no surprise on collecting the pup , that Garry's set up was immaculate and intimate with just the one new litter . Recommended on all counts !

John Power , Derbyshire.     20 / 7 / 2017

 A big thanks to Garry and Hunting Dogs Europe for helping me find a beautiful Teckel Bitch, not only does the dog have a great nature it worked very well on tracking from the 3rd day of ownership, the whole process of purchase from Garry was a pleasure excellent communications and all my questions were answered with honesty and knowledge. I would recommend anyone considering buying a working dog to get in touch with Garry his wealth of knowledge and connections will save you a lot of time and hassle in getting the best dogs you could want, so much so I have asked him to source me a further Teckel. Many thanks Garry and good luck.

Regards Carl Higginson Derbyshire.     23 / 5 / 2017

Over the past three years I have dealt with Hunting dogs Europe, I have found the service exceptional. I have purchased three dogs from Garry. I have been very particular in my needs and refused many dogs from Garry, but he kept going until he found what I required. 

The first Raya a jägdt terrier came to me having passed all working tests. She is used by myself as a 100% earth dog. She is exceptional at her trade. She dug on in a four inch rabbit sett to get her quarry on one occasion. Her baying bolts foxes rapidly, but she certainly can mix when she finds a stubborn fox. I have recently purchased a six month male, this little terrier has to be held back as he wants to be to ground now! He has killed many rats, he has an excellent nose and looks the part to. 

Finally Daro, I requested an above breed average German short haired pointer male. He certainly is that! He is an outstanding all rounder and is a natural deer dog. Long retrieves are nothing and he eats up ground like a deerhound X greyhound. Thanks Garry.        12 / 6 / 2016


"The first I heard of Hunting Dogs Europe was when I saw an advert on the forum 'the stalking directory' advertising a 6 month old HWV import from Slovakia.  Admittedly I was suspicious at first and nervous about committing to a 6 month old dog I had never seen before and didn't know much about its background.  However, after several phone conversations with Gary he soon put my mind at rest.  He answered all my questions and was happy to provide any information I needed.  The whole process from initially responding to the advert right up to collecting the dog went smoothly and was quick and easy.  The price wasn't cheap in comparison to those offered by UK breeders but the service from Hunting Dogs Europe was excellent and the dog is everything they said it would be.  Six months on down the line and the dog has passed all health checks, has had excellent hip and elbow scores, training is going well and I'm very happy I made the decision to get a dog from Hunting dogs Europe".

John Cheffings.           3 / 8 / 2015

I would highly recommend Hunting dogs Europe. Garry sourced me a fully trained Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer bitch. From the start of the process to picking up my bitch was really hassle free. I am over the moon with my bitch,and is probably the best dog I've had. She is from a very strong working background, with an impeccable temperament. Keep up the good work Garry

Phil   North Scotland             27 / 7 / 2015