The Very Best
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The HUNTING DOGS EUROPE team, have a passion for all things hunting and shooting, with a particular passion for the Hunt, Point, Retrieve (HPR) breeds of dog.

The very best HUNTING DOGS EUROPE has to offer

Fortunate, to have an agent and kennels based in Slovakia, a country which has some of the best hunting and training possibilities in Europe. Statistically, being 70% mountainous and 30% lowland. The mountainous regions support a strong population of wild boar, red and roe deer together with one of the biggest populations of bear, wolf, and lynx in Europe. It is therefore not surprising that we are well placed to source the absolute best hunting dogs that central Europe has to offer. Having established relationships with a variety of working breed kennels in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Serbia we are well placed to source but more importantly, view the individual dogs in their working environment. Our Slovakian partner is one of the most experienced and respected working dog handlers in the business; he has a great eye not only for dogs conforming to the breed standard, but also how they should perform in their various disciplines.  His expertise comes from working and showing a variety of breeds from a young age and therefore benefits from an established large network of contacts.

Over the course of time, we have been asked to source a dog or provide a service that a client has been unable to find in the UK. We endeavor to meet the sometimes extremely specific needs a client may have, which may include any or all the following; fully or part trained discipline, a puppy for those that prefer to do it themselves or a particular blood line that cannot be found in the UK. We are also able to offer the service of supplying a ‘straw’ for the purpose of Artificial Insemination (AI) from a variety of the top stud dogs in central Europe.  The following are just a few examples of breeds we have been asked for

Bavarian mountain hound (BMH), German hunting terrier (Jag terrier), German short haired pointer (GSP), German wire-haired pointer (GWP), Hungarian wire haired vizsla (HWV), Slovakian rough haired pointer (SRHP), wire haired Dachshund (Teckle).


Our clients can be and are individuals or organizations and in recent times we have had the pleasure of sourcing and supplying dogs to the British Military. Armed Forces and Border Force UK Read more

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