Superb Part Trained 6 Month Old Drahthaar Bitch Available

This young bitch has only the basics in place, but is very biddable and keen to learn, although biddable she is hard hunting and typically for a bitch from these lines, strong willed, ( more suited to an experienced handler ) she in the right hands will make a very good Deer dog or equally a very good general purpose Gundog, she has a superb pedigree with strong German lines from top performing kennels ( Vom Donaueck ) she will also make a superb foundation bitch

Many breeders of the German Wirehaired Pointer (GWP) errantly refer to their breed as Drahthaar. In addition to significant differences in breed standard, the Wirehair has been bred without regulation or restriction since the late 1950’s, but especially without the performance testing that proves the ability of the Drahthaar. After years of unrestricted breeding and no versatile performance standards the German Wirehaired Pointer has evolved into a distinctly separate breed.