Wachtelhund ( German Hunting Spaniel )

WACHTELHUND ( German Hunting Spaniel ) 9 Month old 

The Wachtelhund are superb all round hunting dogs rarely seen outside of middle europe and prized by hunters of all types of game , superbly adaptable to any landscape, these are not your average Spaniel and unlike any thing we have in the Uk 


They will be one year old in may.
Both are very talented dogs. Are allready steady to shot. Both retrieves very nice to hand. Female is very loud on track.
Both are comming from the line which is more orientated on wild boars or deer This means they are bred to be sharp enough to hunt them with enough of hard vehemence. Both loves water. Their range is quite huge what I am also supporting in training as I need them for wild boar hunt. 
Need to mention that this breed is perfect also for bloodtracking.
They are very clever dogs so I think they will learn to be shorter and closer to the leader. Anyway a tons of drive in them.
They have also lot of quality in body- both full scissor bite, excellent coat and colour. They are looking as just german wachtelhunds should looks like... 
I was waiting for them almost two years. There is huge interest in this breed in Europe and Scandinavia (and also America)



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