Superb fully trained teckel bitch

We visited the owners kennel yesterday and watched the young bitch working , she flushed the fox into the final chamber where she seized the fox by the neck and dispatched it
Because of peggy's age she will not have  huge experience on foxes but has demonstrated that she is hard enough to quickly deal with a fox and she works with a great deal of passion
Peggy comes from excellent working champion lines, her mother has won 4 international working titles CACIT
on fox tests, this year she took 3rd place at an international fox test where there where 100 teckels competing from several countries
Also on her fathers side there are several working champions
peggy has completed her youngsters exam with notes of excellent, she has also got excellent notes on a club show, she has also been entered pending a place on a wild boar exam (two day test ) she has experience working on wild boar and works the boar with passion but also shows a good deal of clear thinking




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