Superb black/tan Jagdterrier Dog Pup

Firstly pups with these lines do not come onto the open market as available for sale and are not generally offered outside of middle Europe. My Slovakian kennel was lucky to be offered the chance of this pup, this is because we have a growing reputation for buying and training the best,

Slovakia is one of the last countries to allow training on live quarry and more importantly international fox tests where rigorous testing results in awards and exam paperwork, this proves an all round better dog , at this present time their is a great deal of interest in these dogs from Russia

here is the details about black jagdterrier dog pup.
he was born on 2.10.2015.
Mother is Lessi Berecinec, 38 cm high female, PLL clear. Her parents are Vord Aluminium and Heda pod Radzimom.
Lessi has passed 5 varios tests, on fox she did excellent work.
Father is Zip Aluminium. He is also PLL clear male, 40 cm size.
His father was one of the TOP jagdterrier males ever- Lok Aluminium (international working champion), mother is Taita Aluminium.
This pedigree is one of the best what you can find in this breed over here...