Superb Fully Trained JagdTerrier Bitch

We have a superb small bitch available she is fully trained and works on fox with great efficiency or she will work over ground on deer and boar Alma is 2 yrs old, she has excellent blood lines and as you can see from her pedigree, coming from a long line of hard working champions from some of the top hunting kennels including the respected "ALUMINIUM" hunting kennel In my mind a fully trained dog represents better value for money and will be trained to a higher standard than we generally see here in the UK, it will also come with the all important paper work



Here Alma zo Skalickej: She was born 29.5.2014, so she is 2 years now. She passed fox test in II. prize with excellent sharp and fast work. First round she bited mouth to mouth within 28 seconds. In second round she bited second half of the body (by chasing the fox out) within 14 seconds. She really dont know compromise with foxes. I tried her also on wild boar in feced area- she shows very nice work- sharp enough but not stupid- she worked loud and is not touching a boar from the front... And also bloodtracking- she has no reall experience in the nature, but at the training she shows great potential also for this kind of work- she worked precise on every drop of blood with perfect drive. She is quite in the kennel, very nice roughhaired female, full scissor bite- her judgement from the clubshow is note "excellent". She is PLL clear by parents. Her size is small, she is only 35 cm height with small narrow chest.