Superb fully trained 2yr old Teckle

Superb fully trained Teckle Bitch


 Here the details about trained teckel female... She was born on 30.7.2014. She passed special teckel show with note "very good". She has full scissor bite. She is very lovely female, knows sit, down, stay, walking on the leash. Natural ability test was been done with II. prize. Bloodtracking test on deer she passed in I. prize. and also fox test in Czech republic (also without contact) was in I. prize. She is steady to shot, very clever and obedience girl. I was trying her on the skin of wildboar which she barks perfect. she has took part on few wild boar shootings and she had a chance to work on track of wild boar twice...she performed excellent. And she also did one excellent job on wounded deer... I think this dog could be excellent dog. ...She was been approved by the breederscommittee for breeding in Czech republic..