Dog Handler Or Gun Experience Days

Dog Handler Or Gun Experience Days

As a UK based business we are now able to offer training / experience days or half days for your chosen discipline, on a one to one basis for you and your dog, this could simply be using our available ground for HPR training , you can also shoot over your dog should you wish, we also have lakes and rivers available for water training 
Having kennels and a trainer in Slovakia , we are well connected to the hunting community in central Europe, and so are able to organize residential days for wild boar, deer or even training and trialing European style
We can also organize digging work for the terrier man, but obviously this would take place outside of the UK - Enquiries please contact - -


Walked Up Rough Shoot In The Linconlshire Wolds

The day will be a combined working day for spaniels and handlers, retrievers and handlers and also for guns that appreciate, and want to shoot over hard working dogs

Our small but challenging shoot is situated in the wonderful Lincolnshire Wolds, we have 450 + Acres of rolling valley farm land with miles of hedge row, most having large margin's and perfect habitats for a variety of wild game, we also have several pond / small lakes where we have visiting wild water fowl woodcock and snipe, to add to this one of our superb woodland areas, consisting of approximately 10 acres of mixed large fir and broad leaf, situated in the centre of the shoot is renowned for being a warm woodland that has a very healthy population of wild pheasant, woodcock and snipe

This rough shoot day has been designed for-
The novice or accomplished dog handler who is wanting to prepare themselves for a beating or picking up roll, or wanting the opportunity to work their dog in a challenging countryside on wild birds, or for the gun that is wanting more than a high density driven bird day
Lunch or evening meal can be organized but is not included
Over night accommodation can be organized
Overseas visitors welcome